This section of the web portal provides information and resources that are relevant, accessible, and impactful for teachers working with English learners and pursuing professional development.

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What professional development opportunities and instructional resources are available for teachers that serve English learners and immigrant students?

Texas Gateway

The Texas Gateway is a content management and delivery system operated by the Texas Education Agency. Through the Gateway, teachers, students, and parents find TEKS-aligned resources to use for instruction, intervention, acceleration, or additional practice. To view the Gateway, visit www.texasgateway.orgOpens a new window.

The following online courses are available in the Gateway for teachers who serve English learners and immigrant students:

LEAs should contact their designated ESC for specific training opportunities related to English learners and immigrant students.

Curriculum Division

The Curriculum Division provides state level support, information and non-regulatory guidance to school administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and students regarding general curriculum laws and rules, particularly with respect to graduation requirements, options for offering courses, and award of credit. The division is also responsible for supporting development and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the foundation and enrichment curriculum.

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What are the certification requirements for teachers serving English learners in Texas, and what resources are available?

Do You Have A Question Regarding Certification?
Please contact the division of Educator Certification regarding certification issues at 512-936-8400

For information about the certification requirements and resources available, refer to the FAQ posted at the TEA Bilingual and English as a Second Language ProgramsOpens a new window web page. The FAQ is listed under Program Requirement Resources. The specific questions related to this topic are located in Section IV – English Learner Services:

  • Section IV. B-4 for Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Programs
  • Section IV. C-1 and C-3 for English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs
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What resources and training are available for the early childhood educator?

To develop a better understanding of how to design early childhood instruction to meet the needs of young English learners' (ELs) language development and examine the critical areas of academic success, click on the Texas Gateway course, Title III Early Childhood Education for English LearnersOpens a new window.

To download the companion tool to the Title III Early Childhood Education for English Learners course, click on Effective Early Childhood Instruction for the Young ELOpens a new window.

For more information on resources and trainings available, visit the TEA Early Childhood Education Educator ResourcesOpens a new window web page.

What training and supplemental resources are available for school districts to use when establishing and operating a Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC)?

The Language Proficiency Assessment Committees are charged with reviewing all pertinent information on all identified English Learners upon their initial enrollment and at the end of each school year. Districts are required to have on file policy and procedures for the selection, appointment, and training of members of the LPACs.

For training and supplemental resources regarding the establishment and operation of an LPAC, click on the LPAC FrameworkOpens a new window web page.

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What state and federal requirements are in place to ensure that Texas educators meet the needs of the state’s English learners?

Texas Education Code (TEC)

Texas Administrative Code (TAC)
Commissioner’s Rules (Chapter 89) - SpanishOpens a new window

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Title III, Part A StatuteOpens a new window (pages 190-207)