Title III, Part A-funded local educational agencies (LEAs) and ESCs (Fiscal Agents) are required to provide supplemental parent outreach training and activities, family outreach and training and family literacy services, and community participation programs to English learners, immigrant students, and their families.

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What resources are available for leaders to support implementing activities under Title III?

For resources that support ESCs and LEAs as they implement activities to support Title III, Part A, visit Title III Strengthening and Increasing Family Engagement and Community Engagement Opens a new window website.

The Planning Tool Opens a new window is a resource to assist in the process of preparing for a family engagement or community engagement activity.

Visit the Texas Gateway Course Opens a new window Title III, Part A: Strengthening and Increasing Parental Outreach to learn more about planning for parent outreach activities and appropriate use of funds.

Clarifying Title III LEA Required Activities under ESSA Opens a new window

What should I consider when planning an engagement activity/event?

In planning an engagement activity/event, consider your audience. Is the engagement opportunity focused on engaging parents, families or community? Ensure the intent of each activity/event is clearly aligned with the goals and expected outcomes for English learners, immigrant students, and their families.

Parent engagement activities/events focus on inviting parents of English learners to an activity/event focused on engaging parents in the academic success of students.

Family engagement activities/events involve the English learner and their family members participating in learning experiences to increase English language proficiency and student academic achievement.

Community engagement activities/events involve the English learner, their families, and community resources/community-based organizations. This collaboration ensures student success through effective activities and strategies for English learners.

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What are some examples of Title III Engagement Activities?

Consider the following Title III Engagement Activities for parent, family, and community.