Supporting Your Child and
Family During COVID-19

Support you child

With a few simple steps, you can support your child and family during this challenging time.

3 Things to Know

It is natural for your child to experience all of what is listed below.

  • Your child may experience a temporary change in behavior and mood.
  • Your child may experience stress, worry, fear, sadness, and confusion.
  • Your child may experience difficulty concentrating, sleeping, and eating.
Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Support
(833) 986-1919

5 Things to Do

Keep routines as predictable as possible for your child.

Child routine

Child fact sharing

Share facts about COVID-19 that your child understands.

Make time to listen to your child and encourage them to share their feelings.

Listening to Child

Child fact sharing

Make time for your family to play and relax.

Reach out for support when you, or your child, need it.

Child routine